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on Publics and Counterpublics: Wednesday, March 19th @ 5pm

12 Mar


The next Frankfurt School Working Group meeting will take place a week from today, on Wednesday, March 19th, at 5pm in Wheeler 450. Our conversation will focus on a trio of pieces on the concept of the public sphere: Michael Warner’s “Publics and Counterpublics,” Habermas’s short “encyclopedia version” of the history and theory presented at greater length in The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, and Nancy Fraser’s influential feminist response to Habermas, “Rethinking the public sphere.” Our conversation will likely touch upon all three, but we’d like for folks to especially focus on Warner’s queer re-visioning of Habermas. And, like last week, please come with at least one question you’d like the group to consider together.


Megan & Erin


Discussion of Marcuse next Wednesday, 2/19, @ 5pm at Henry’s

12 Feb

Dear frankenfriends,

Due to the some presidents’ birthdays, our meeting next week will be on Wednesday (the 19th) at 5pm, rather than on our typical Monday evening. And we’ll also be off campus, talking about Marcuse’s The Aesthetic Dimension at Henry‘s on Durant and Bowditch. Please join us! We look forward to lively belatedness in our tarrying with Marcuse.

We’d also like to point your attention to an event on campus this week, which might be of interest: on Thursday at 5pm in Dwinelle 3335, Rebecca Comay will deliver a lecture on Benjamin, the performative utterance of lament, and Hamlet.


Megan & Erin

reminder: FSWG meeting today at 5pm in Wheeler 450

3 Feb

Hi dear friends,

This is just a reminder that the Frankfurt School WG’s first meeting of the semester will be this evening at 5pm. Please join us in Wheeler Hall 450, where we’ll talk about Marcuse, memory, desire, and visions of “a nonaggressive, nonexploitative world.” Snacks and drinks will be aggressively offered.


Megan & Erin

First FSWG meeting: Monday, 2/3, 5pm in Wheeler 450

28 Jan
Dear friends,

The Frankfurt School Working Group would love for you to join us at our first meeting of the semester on Monday, February 3rd, at 5:00pm in Wheeler 450. We’ll be talking about Marcuse, memory, and utopia, drawing upon an essay in the current issue of Telos and a selection from Martin Jay’s Marxism and Totality. As always, there will be snacks and drinks to fuel us. We hope to see you there!


Megan & Erin

Adorno next Tuesday

6 Nov


The next FSWG meeting will be Tuesday a week from yesterday (11/12/13!) at 5pm in Wheeler Hall 450, and we’ll be discussing the “Draft Introduction” to Adorno’s Aesthetic Theory. We hope you can join us.

all best,

Erin & Megan

next meeting: Oct 29th, 5pm

23 Oct

Dear Frankfurtish Friends,

We meet again next Tuesday, October 29th, to discuss Anthony Cascardi’s “Prolegomena to Any Future Aesthetics,” the introduction to the Townsend publication Art and Aesthetics After Adorno. Please join us at or around 5pm in Wheeler Hall 450 to talk about the promises and perils of contemporary critical engagement with Adorno’s aesthetic theory.


Megan & Erin

Reading for the first meeting: Tuesday Sep 3rd

16 Aug

Hi all! At our first meeting on Tuesday, September 3rd at 5pm (in Wheeler Hall, room 306), we’ll be discussing three of Adorno’s lectures that mention nature, ecology, etc: lectures 13-15 from the History and Freedom series. Please contact us if you have any trouble downloading the pdf.