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CANCELLED: FSWG Meeting Tonight

27 Feb

Dear all,

We’re so sorry to cancel with such little notice — and sorry generally to miss seeing you all this evening — but we’re both feeling under the weather. We’ll stick with our earlier schedule, but shift the readings back a session, so please keep the March 13th meeting on your calendars. That evening we’ll discuss the two chapters from Reason After Its Eclipse we’d planned to discuss today.

apologies and best wishes,

Erin & Sheri


Next FSWG meeting, 2/27 @ 5pm: Continuing Reason After Its Eclipse

13 Feb

Dear all,

Because of the Presidents’ Day holiday on February 20, our next FSWG meeting will take place the following Monday, 2/27, at 5pm in Dwinelle 4125a. We decided at our last meeting to continue with Martin Jay’s book, focusing on the 27th on Chapter 1, “From the Greeks to the Enlightenment” (which also functions as an introduction to the Frankfurt School thought to follow), and Chapter 6, “Habermas and the Communicative Turn.” We’ve also uploaded the brief Preface, in case you’re interested in reading that as well.

At the following meeting, March 13 (mark your calendars!), we’ll read the final chapter of Jay’s book (which is also about Habermas) along with the first chapter of Leo Lowenthal’s Prophets of Deceit, a work about the political instrumentalization of intolerance that may be a helpful interlocutor between Habermasian aspirations of “communicative rationality” and our contemporary situation.

As always, we’ll provide some snacks and wine, and all are welcome.

looking forward,

Sheri & Erin

reminder: meeting today @ 5pm in 4125a Dwinelle

6 Feb

Dear FSWGies,

This is a reminder that we’ll be meeting this afternoon at 5pm in 4125a Dwinelle to discuss “The Critique of Instrumental Reason: Horkheimer, Marcuse and Adorno” from Martin Jay’s new book, Reason After Its Eclipse. All are welcome. We’ll provide some snacks and wine.


Sheri & Erin