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meeting on Monday, Feb 6 @ 5pm

31 Jan

Dear Frankfurt School Working Group,

We’re very much looking forward to reconnecting with you and our critical theory fellow travelers in this harrowing political moment. Please join us for our first meeting of Spring 2017 on Monday, February 6th, at 5pm in Dwinelle 4125a. We’ll talk about chapter 5 from Martin Jay’s new book, Reason after Its Eclipse,The Critique of Instrumental Reason: Horkheimer, Marcuse and Adorno.” If you’d like to read the book’s earlier chapters on the Greeks, Kant, Hegel and Marx, the entire book is available on Project Muse.

At this meeting, we’ll discuss our reading plans and schedule for the semester. If you’re unable to attend on Monday but interested in joining us later, please be in touch about your scheduling and reading interests for the semester.

warm wishes,

Sheri and Erin