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Discussion of Convolutes E&P next Thurs, 9/22, @ 5:15pm in 4125a Dwinelle

13 Sep

Dear Frankfurt School Working Group,

Our next ramble in the arcades will take place on Thursday, 9/22, from 5:15-7pm in 4125a Dwinelle. We’ll discuss Convolute E (Haussmannization, Barricade, Fighting) and Convolute P (The Streets of Paris). As always, newcomers to the material are welcome, and there will be treats to fortify our meanderings.


Sheri & Erin


Meeting today @ 5:15pm in 4125a Dwinelle

8 Sep

Dear all,

This is a reminder that the Frankfurt School Working Group’s first meeting of the semester is taking place this evening, at 5:15 in 4125a Dwinelle. We are looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it and beginning our reading of The Arcades Project! (The reading is available here if you need to download it; also, please feel free to bring a German edition if that’s your style)


Sheri & Erin