Fall 2016 Plans

24 Aug

Hello Frankfurt Groupies!

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are happy to start a new academic year! Below is a draft of our reading plans for the upcoming year. It is just a draft, and we’d love your feedback about the readings. We are also soliciting input about when our group should meet. Please visit this google form to let us know your availability for meetings and your reading preferences for the semester: https://goo.gl/forms/e66zGCxDRJl3a8Vv2

Prospectus of meeting readings:

Fall 2016 ( The Arcades Project )

  • Convolutes A & B (Shopping)
  • Convolutes D, K, & m (Boredom, Dreaming, & Idleness)
  • Convolutes E & P (Urban Planning)
  • Convolutes H & M (Collector & Flaneur)
  • Interlude – Adorno, “A Portrait of Walter Benjamin”
  • Convolutes J (Baudelaire)
  • Convolutes U, W, X (SaintSimon, Fourier, & Marx)
  • Convolutes Y, Z, & i (Reproductions)
  • Convolutes V, a & k (conspiracies & social movements)

Spring 2017 (Reason, Eros, and Communication)

  • Martin Jay, Reason After Its Eclipse , Chapter 1 & 2 (Greeks through Kant)
  • Jay, Chapters 3 & 4 (Hegel, Marx, Crisis)
  • Jay, Chapter 5 (Horkheimer, Marcuse, Adorno)
  • Horkheimer, “The End of Reason” and Eclipse of Reason (selections)
  • Marcuse, Eros and Civilization (selections)
  • Jay, Chapter 6 & 7 (Habermas)
  • Habermas, Selections from Communicative Action and On the Pragmatics of Communication (Ch 3 & 7)
  • Habermas, “The Unity of Reason in the Plurality of Its Voices,” in Postmetaphysical Thinking


Sheri & Erin


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