Next meeting: Monday, 11/16 @ 5:30 in 450 Wheeler, “Notes and Sketches” from Dialectic of Enlightenment

5 Nov

Dear Frankfurtishly inclined friends,

Please join us for our next Frankfurt School Working Group meeting on Monday, November 16th, at 5:30pm in room 450 of Wheeler Hall. We’ll be talking about the “Notes and Sketches” included at the end of Dialectic of Enlightenment. If your time is limited, feel free to read whichever sketches interest you most. We will likely focus on a few that touch upon the theme of Nature: “INTEREST IN THE BODY” (p 192), “MAN AND BEAST” (p 203), and “IN THE GENESIS OF STUPIDITY” (p 213). These are by no means the only snippets of interest, but they are good places to focus your energies.

Here’s a preview, the full text of a different “note,” to pique you:

A large dog stands beside the highway. If he walks trustfully onto it he will be run over. His peaceful expression indicates that normally he is better looked after – a pet which no one harms. But do the sons of the upper bourgeoisie, whom no one harms, have peaceful expressions on their faces? They have not been worse looked after than the dog, which is now run over.

On that note (sorry), we hope to see you soon!


Erin & Sheri


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