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meeting this Thursday, April 23rd @5pm in 6415 Dwinelle

20 Apr

Dear friends,

We hope you’ll join us this coming Thursday, April 23rd – at 5pm in 6415 Dwinelle – for a conversation about Benjamin’s “Critique of Violence”. In case you’re interested in supplementing this very challenging text, we’re also posting a chapter devoted to the essay from Judith Butler’s 2012 work on zionism, Parting Ways. See you soon!


Megan & Erin


meeting next Wednesday, April 8, @ 5pm in 6415 Dwinelle

3 Apr

Dear Frankfurters,

We’ll gather next on Wednesday, April 8th, at 5pm in 6415 Dwinelle, to continue talking broadly about work and its discontents. To prepare, please read whatever you’d like from the rest of Kathi Weeks’ The Problem With Work. Save the epilogue, however, or at least your comments on it, for our final meeting, when we’ll think about it in conversation with Crary’s 24/7.

Our final meeting plans are as follows:

  • this coming Wednesday, 5pm: Weeks and Work
  • Wednesday the 22nd, 5pm: Benjamin and violence
  • final meeting TBD, at a bar: Crary and Weeks, Sleep and Postwork Politics

Please let us know if you’re eager to come to these meetings but have relevant schedule constraints.


Erin and Megan