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event of interest

26 Mar

Dear comrades,

Happy spring break! We hope this email finds you amidst some dialectical waves, or their enjoyable somatic equivalent. Certainly not working. This message is to let you know about an event that might interest you, occurring on the first Monday following the break: a talk on Walter Benjamin and fairy tales! Klaus Müller-Wille from the University of Zurich will present “HC Andersen, Walter Benjamin and the Theory of Reading” on Monday, March 30th, from 4:30 pm-6:00 pm in 6415 Dwinelle Hall. Thank you, Ulf, for bringing this to our attention!
We’ll email again shortly with details and readings for our next working group meeting, which will most likely be on April 8th.
Megan & Erin

meeting next Thursday @ 5pm in 6415 Dwinelle

13 Mar


Please join us next Thursday, March 19th, for a special almostspringbreak edition of the Frankfurt School Working Group.* We’ll be talking about Kathi Week’s introduction to her book The Problem With Work in 6415 Dwinelle, on the “F” floor of the office part of the building, at 5pm (courtesy of the Scandinavians).

Also, as has been mentioned, Fred Moten will be visiting campus next Wednesday. He’s both giving  a talk on blackness and poetry (at 4pm in Wheeler 330, aka the Lounge), and reading some of his poetry (at 6:30 in the Maude Fife room, Wheeler 315). Both events should be inspiriting.

And finally, inspired somewhat perversely following last week’s session, Erin started making a spotify playlist featuring some of the works mentioned. If you can add songs/noise to it, please feel free to do so!

good weekends to you,

Megan & Erin

* This means nothing in particular. But we hope you’re excited to come for the camaraderie and critique and wine.

reminder: meeting this evening at 5pm in wheeler 330

4 Mar

Dear all,

This is just a reminder of the fact and location of tonight’s Frankfurt School Working Group meeting: we’ll gather in the English department lounge, 330 Wheeler Hall, at 5pm, to talk about the two essays on popular music.

looking forward!

Megan & Erin