Next meeting: Wednesday, 10/29, @ 5pm – Bloch and Adorno on Utopias

24 Oct

Dear all,

Please join the Frankfurt School Working Group next Wednesday, October 29th, at 5pm in Wheeler Hall room 450, for the first of several discussions about utopian longing. We’ll talk about the dialogue between Bloch and Adorno, “Something’s Missing,” and Bloch’s essay “Art and Utopia: The Creation of the Ornament.” Please bring a copy of the readings with you, so that we can keep our discussion close to the text.

Here’s an irresistible (to us, at least) preview of the second essay, in words we’ll shortly re-encounter by José Muñoz in his book Cruising Utopia: “[Bloch] proposes the example of a modern bathroom as this age’s exemplary site to see a utopian potentiality, the site where nonfunctionality and total functionality merge.” There will be snacks and wine, as always, to complement such delicious imagery.

looking forward (as ever),

Erin & Megan


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