Frankfurt School meeting next Thurs, Sept 18 @ 5pm in 450 Wheeler

11 Sep

Dear Frankfurting friends,

Please join us for the first Frankfurt School Working Group meeting of the year next Thursday, September 18th at 5pm in 450 Wheeler.

We will discuss a recent piece by Nancy Fraser — a short essay that draws on recent analyses of the inadequacy of a purely economic understanding of capitalism in order to indicate why and how feminist, ecological, and political critiques provide necessary insight into the complex “background” conditions of capitalism.  Fraser’s piece will help frame the group’s ongoing interest in exploring the limits of earlier Frankfurt School and Critical Theory work.

All with an interest and any level of familiarity with the Frankfurt School approach to critical theory are welcome. We look forward to seeing some new faces and plan to build a semester reading list guided by the interests of the group.

Erin Greer and Megan O’Connor


One Response to “Frankfurt School meeting next Thurs, Sept 18 @ 5pm in 450 Wheeler”

  1. DAT September 12, 2014 at 12:06 am #

    I’ll be there. Perhaps in preparation there’s also this new article from the NYer on Adorno + the Frankfurters: (An easy, quick, commute-type read).

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