Next meeting 10/15 at Musical Offering

12 Oct

Hi friends,

We’re excited to hold the next Frankfurt School Working Group meeting at the Musical Offering Cafe on Bancroft, this coming Tuesday, October 15th, at 5pm. We’ll discuss possible constellations of Frankfurt School theory and Feminist theory, grounding our discussion in three essays from a special issue of the journal differences devoted to the Frankfurt School and edited by Berkeley’s Wendy Brown. Brown’s introduction, “Feminist Theory and the Frankfurt School,” provides a brief survey of possible insights the FS and Feminist theory can mutually provide; Karyn Ball’s “The Longing for the Material” suggests an interesting conjunction of affect theory, feminism, and Walter Benjamin’s messianic materialism; and Herbert Marcuse’s “Marxism and Feminism“ serves, for Brown, as an instructively outdated “manifesto on behalf of ‘feminist socialism,'” which, in spite of its “quaintness,” reminds us of key points of intersection between the Frankfurt School’s critique of macho rationality and many versions of feminist theory. As usual, the working group will defray costs of refreshments. We hope to see many of you there!

And we wish you happy weekends.

Megan & Erin

PS Latecomers who can’t arrive at 5pm exactly are always welcome.


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