FSWG-related CFP

1 Sep

This CFP for a one-day conference on Adorno in England in November might interest FSWG members:

Adorno: Impact and Influences 13th November 2013

Royal Holloway, University of London
contact email: adorno.impactandinfluences@gmail.com

Call for Papers


Wednesday 13th November 2013 at Royal Holloway, University of London

‘The cuts between special disciplines such as sociology, economics, and history make the cognitive interest vanish in pedantically drawn, inflatedly defended trenches’
Negative Dialectics

Theodor Adorno is a seminal figure in sociology, aesthetics, philosophy and musicology. This one-day conference will explore the broad spectrum of thought that influenced Adorno and, in turn, the impact his work has had on the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

While Adorno was manifestly influenced by Marx, Hegel, Kant and Nietzsche, his debt to others–among them philosophers, sociologists, musicians and writers–is equally as significant. Exploring the field of influence in the widest possible sense, this conference will also encourage speculative correspondences, inviting delegates to consider topics such as the way early modern thinkers (for instance Montaigne and Shakespeare) prefigure Adorno’s work, and Adorno’s engagement with classical thought.

Despite postmodernism’s backlash to Adorno’s apparent elitism and modernist concerns, the overwhelming impact his work has had on the social sciences and arts testifies to his continued relevance in contemporary thought. This conference aims to fathom what Adorno means today and how his insights have endured.

We invite abstracts for papers of twenty minutes duration from across academic disciplines. We particularly welcome proposals from early career academics and graduate students. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

– Adorno’s literary, philosophical, sociological and musicological influences.
– Adorno’s impact on:
– Critical theory and philosophy
– Musicology
– Literature and literary theory

Please send a 250-word abstract with a brief biography to Natalie Leeder and Sam Hall at adorno.impactandinfluences@gmail.com by Monday 16th September 2013.

Keynote speeches will be given by Professor Andrew Bowie, Royal Holloway, University of London, and Dr Darrow Schecter, University of Sussex.


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